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5 Best Comic Book Heroes Of All Time

by Iron-SpiderYC

There are maybe thousands of heroes in comics and today I wanted to share my list of 5 best comic book heroes that I love reading and want to tell you guys why they mean a lot.


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”I believe there is a hero in all of us.”

”With Great Power There Must Also Come Great Responsibility.” Those are the words that define Spider-Man and Peter Parker.I believe Peter Parker is the most relatable and human superhero that you can see in comics.When I think about heroes I always keep thinking about Spider-Man.Special thing about Peter Parker isn’t his powers it never was,special thing about Peter Parker is that he is just a good person from Queens and he tries to help with everything he has.Life keeps kicking Peter again and again but he never quits.He keeps having trouble paying his bills,he barely finds time to spend with his family and friends,public hates him because of Jameson’s lies and people he care about the most gets hurt but he never quits or looks the other way when someone needs help.He learned that his powers are for everyone and he doesn’t have the option to be selfish.Only thing that I want to change about Spider-Man is some of his stories.He has so much potential but writers can’t see it.Batman has a lot of amazing stories written by some of the best writers and I believe Spidey needs that too.Other than that he is my favorite superhero and he definitely deserves his place.


image 3 5 Best Comic Book Heroes Of All Time
”We Murdocks we get hit a lot but we get up.We always get up.”

We all feel down sometimes and Daredevil stories shows us that those bad moments don’t define us,what matters is how you get back up.In those stories Matt lost his father,identity,friends,Karen and Elektra but after all those moments he keeps getting back up stronger.He tries to let go his costume,his life as a vigilante but his real personality keeps coming back,he can’t stay back and watch while his city,his family burns.If you want to see my points and a good Daredevil story you can start reading new Daredevil run from Chip Zdarsky.It is an underrated run and it deserves more recognition.


yearone 5 Best Comic Book Heroes Of All Time
-What happened that made you put this on? +A painful memory and a promise.

Reason I love Batman stories this much is that he is one of us.He shows readers how a human without powers can become a hero with discipline and hard work.He is the symbol of how you can change something bad,a tragedy into something great.Batman has a lot of great stories and it takes a lot of time to read all of them.His villains are another great thing about his stories.Mr.Freeze,Joker,Penguin,Riddler,Two Face and many more.They are all victims of different crimes.Bruce isn’t just trying to stop them,he is trying to save them and he is trying to show them that Gotham isn’t a hopeless case,he believes in Gotham and he has a promise to keep.Thats what Batman is all about : ”A painful memory and a promise.”


iron man c 5 Best Comic Book Heroes Of All Time
”I just finally know what I have to do and I know in my heart that it is right.”

Tony Stark’s story is a story about a man reborn.He didn’t become Iron Man thanks to his powers,he didn’t pay a huge price but he realized he wasn’t on the right path.When he realized his work was on the wrong hands and causing innocent people to get hurt,he learned his mistakes and he choose to be something better.When he nearly lost his heart,he actually gained one and he walked out of that cave as a new man.He choose to become Iron Man,he choose to become good,he worked hard for his armors and success.We saw his troubles because of his weaknesses and it was great to read those stories because you can see those things happening in real life too.We saw Tony’s battle with his own ego,his addiction to alcohol and his redemption and him choosing to be Iron Man is the reason I love his stories.

5-Captain America

Captain America 14 5 Best Comic Book Heroes Of All Time
”When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world : “No, YOU move.”

Captain America is the true leader of Avengers.He looks like a man wearing a flag but he is way more than that.Even that he wears a flag he doesn’t belong to anything or anyone.Only thing he follows is his heart and ideals.He is the person every hero respects and the thing I love about Steve Rogers is that he never gives up a fight he believes in.Even that all the hope is lost,you will always see Captain America holding to shield and fighting the fight he believes in.

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