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Batman Arkham Knight Proved Me Wrong

by Iron-SpiderYC
batman Arkham knight

I had an image about Batman Arkham Knight before playing it because I read a lot of reviews and watched some of it on Youtube. Today I will tell you all how this game proved me wrong.

After reading all those bad comments like game being a bat-tank game and arkham knight being Jason Todd was stupid as hell, I thought Batman Arkham Knight was a game that failed its players but after playing it I can clearly say that it is my favorite Arkham game without a doubt.

Here is a list of the reasons why it proved me wrong and why it is my favorite in the series.

1 – Gameplay Is Perfect

batman Arkham knight

After playing this game I had stopped playing other ones because they feel really slow compared to this one. Playing Batman in this game feels amazing and it feels way better than other games in my opinions because Batman is fast as hell, he hits real hard and using gadgets are more fun. Flying around the city and using grapnel gun feels great too and gives an amazing momentum to the player when he is travelling. Gotham’s never ending rain and dark atmosphere makes it even better to play too.

2 – Batmobile Battles Are Not Boring

batman city suit Batman Arkham Knight Proved Me Wrong

Batmobile battles were not boring for me and some of them were kinda hard actually. I don’t think Batmobile ruined this game at all and it is really interesting how much you can destroy environment with it. I can understand some players prefering playing as Batman rather than using his vehicle to beat his enemies but I really enjoyed driving Batmobile around the city and fighting enemies with it.

3 – DLC Stories Were Best In The Series

batgirl Batman Arkham Knight Proved Me Wrong

Batgirl DLC was my favorite. Stories were short but they were really good in my opinion. In Batgirl DLC we get to see how dangerous, crazy and scary Joker really is and map is well designed to support this story. Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin stories were shorter compared to this one but they were still fun and they were good at showing us how things were going after main story.

4 – Villains, Suits & More

arkhaammmmm Batman Arkham Knight Proved Me Wrong

All of the villains, their looks and their stories were really good. I liked the fact that they used less known enemies in this game and some of the iconic ones like man-bat. Character and suit designs was the thing that really made me love this game even more because most of the suits are well designed and I enjoyed playing with them. Scarecrow got a new design for this game and it became the best look of the character for me, I love how scary he looks and it is way better than the classic design. My only complaint about the game is that I felt some of the things were too short and rushed while playing it because they just threw some of the things they set up since Arkham City to trash like Hush and Azrael’s story. I believe we deserved longer and more detailed missions and designs for some characters but I can forgive that if they make one LAST GAME.

I hope you guys liked my opinions about the game. Most important thing I have to say is don’t care about what people say before playing a game because sometimes people choose to focus on negative sides way too much and I can’t understand that. Batman Arkham Knight is an amazing game with great visuals and I still enjoy playing it sometimes just to beat up some crooks. Don’t forget to tell us your opinions about the game in comments.

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