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Dark Knight Returns Figures Coming From McFarlane Figures

by Iron-SpiderYC
Dark Knight Returns

McFarlane Toys are not slowing down with their new releases. They produced best DC figures and they keep getting better with time. Today we are going to take a look at their Dark Knight Returns figures.

Dark Knight Returns is one of the most iconic Batman stories and it is great to see McFarlane Toys making figures of this series because it means that they might also visit other iconic stories too. McFarlane’s Dark Knight Returns figures will come with Build A Figure pieces to build Batman’s horse and it looks amazing.

Dark Knight Returns Figures Coming From McFarlane Figures

We will get figures of Batman(black suit), Joker, Robin and Superman. I hope Joker comes with a knife or a gun and I have to say that I am not a fan of Superman’s face because it kinda looks weird but other figures look really good(especially Batman) and if you are not a person who spends a lot of money on MAFEX figures these figures are good alternatives and I know a lot of people will get all figures just to build Batman’s horse and take photos with it.

I hope they make figures for other characters from this series like Mutant Leader, Batman(Blue Suit), Armored Batman(comic accurate version) and some other mutant gang members. I liked this line and I will get Batman and Joker probably. Like I said before McFarlane Toys are going good and they can be way better if they start giving us extra hands, heads and some good accessories. What do you guys think about these figures? Don’t forget to tell us in comments.

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