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Artists Who Changed Spider-Man

by Iron-SpiderYC

A lot of artists worked on Spider-Man but only some of them made a difference and helped wall crawler to improve and today we are going to look at 4 of the most important artists who changed Spider-Man.


image 5 Artists Who Changed Spider-Man

When I think about Spider-Man and other characters from his comics first images that come to my mind are always John Romita’s designs.Stan Lee offered him this job and he started by making Spider-Man’s suit and lenses better.He gave all these characters like Mary Jane Watson,Gwen Stacy,Peter Parker their iconic looks and he was the artist of most iconic moments in Spider-Man history like: Death Of Gwen Stacy,Spider-Man No More.So I believe there is no doubt that he is the most important artist in Spider-Man’s history and his work is still appreciated by fans.


todd mcfarlane Artists Who Changed Spider-Man

He became Spider-Man’s artist at a time when artists were doing nothing new or exciting and Marvel was happy about it too.Those artists were just drawing Spider-Man and all of his villains like John Romita and Steve Ditko did and when Todd McFarlane became the artist he wanted to change some things.He changed webs first,he believed that old design was not working anymore because that old design was just 2 lines with z in it and when Spider-Man shoots his web towards the reader it looked funny.After making webs more detailed he brought back the red and blue suit because he wanted to draw Spider-Man in his classic look and he also believed there are not a lot of things you can add black suit artistically.He made lenses bigger and started drawing Spider-Man with more focus on the spider side of him.First issue of his Spider-Man run sold 2.5 Million and that showed Marvel that it is not bad to try some new things.McFarlane not wanting black suit also caused creation of Venom too and he draw some of the best looks for villains like Lizard.He later left Marvel to create his own company and write his new character Spawn!


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Marvel wanted to create a new universe to reach new readers and that meant redesigning some of the characters too.Mark Bagley did an amazing job building a new universe for a younger Peter Parker.He kept drawing the iconic suit but he always made lenses in his unique way.He created some of the best villain designs for Peter’s villains.Green Goblin and Venom looked way better than their original looks in my opinion and they also looked a lot more scary.When Bendis’s amazing writing and Bagley’s great art combined they ended up creating an amazing series that you can feel everything Peter feels.Ultimate Spider-Man series was a big success and even that Mark Bagley left the series after drawing a long time,he came back for the final of the series and he did an amazing job again in ”Death Of Ultimate Spider-Man”.


7zl83mge5hn21 edited Artists Who Changed Spider-Man

His run with Straczynski is my favorite run of Spider-Man and he is the artist of some of the new characters we saw in those comics like Morlun and Ezekial.His art was so good that I felt every emotion and struggle Peter faced.He drawed fight scenes like no one else did and showed us how fast and agile Peter really is in those panels.In The Amazing Spider-Man 39 there is no text and comic tells you its story with John’s art only.You can see how bad Peter wants to be with Mary Jane again,you can see how Mary Jane feels not important and you can also see Aunt May’s struggle to understand Spider-Man side of his nephew and showing all these emotions without any text is just amazing.

These are the artists that I think has the biggest impact on Spider-Man comics and if you guys have another opinions don’t forget to write them in comments.

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