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Five Best Spider-Armors

by Iron-SpiderYC

Spider-Armors always gave Spider-Man special advantages for his battles and today we listed 5 best Spider-Armors for you all.

1- Spider-Armor Mark 1

Five Best Spider-Armors

Peter made this suit when New Enforces attacked New York using high caliber fire-arms. This suit slowed him down and he was less agile using it but this suit also made him bullet proof. Sadly this suit got destroyed in the battle but we kept seeing this suit in many places like Spider-Man 1994 series, Spider-Man 2000(game), Marvel’s Spider-Man(game) and Spider-Verse(comic book). This suit isn’t the most powerful one but I believe it is the best looking one and it is the first and classic Spider-Armor!

2- Spider-Armor Mark 3

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Spidey wore this armor to stop Doctor Octopus’s master plan and fight Sinister Six. This suit not only protected him but it also had special abilities to stop members of the Sinister Six. It detected Chameleon’s heart beat, it is electric proof , it can show Mysterio’s illusions,it had jet boosters and it also has special lenses to see the sand that operates as Sandman’s brain(kinda) and allowing him to change shapes. We saw this armor in some of the Spider-Man games and after looking amazing in the latest game we have a Marvel Legends figure of this Spider-Armor too.

3- Iron Spider

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After Peter came back to life Tony made this Iron Spider suit for him and this suit helped Peter a lot when he was fighting againts Captain America but after seeing Tony working with criminals, cloning Thor and that clone killing Goliath and prisoning heroes in Negative Zone, Peter realized that he was on the wrong side of this battle and fought with Iron Man. Tony used a code to stop his Iron-Spider suit but Peter suprised him by showing his intellect and using his own code that he designed after seeing Tony made a plan to stop him. This suit got destroyed when criminals attacked Peter in the sewers and nearly killed him.

4- Aaron Aikman’s Spider-Armor

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Aaron Aikman was a scientist working for the Ikegami Medical Center. When he was twenty-four, Aaron secretly underwent an treatment that he developed and administered in secrecy. Treatment was designed to resequence his DNA, inserting cloned spider-genes into his own. Aaron built his cybernetic armor and became the hero of city to fight the villain named Redeye. In the end of Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 we saw Aaron running to save his city but Morlun was waiting for him, Aaron asked Morlun “Who are you?” and Morlun responded by saying “End of your story!”. We don’t know if Aaron is still alive or not but his story and suit was amazing and I hope we can see the continuation of his story.

5- Spider-Armor Mark 4

spider armr 4 edited Five Best Spider-Armors

After getting his body back from Doctor Octopus, Peter created Spider-Armor Mark IV by using his resources at Parker Industries. This suit has new web shooters that can shoot stronger and different types of webbing, explosive spider-tracers, sonic disrupters, stealth modes and many other abilities. Peter stopped using this suit because he became poor after destroying his own company(Parker Luck) to stop Doctor Octopus.

I hope you all liked this list about Spider-Armors. If you guys want more lists like this don’t forget to comment below.


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