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Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

by Iron-SpiderYC
Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

Spider-Man movies not only showed us great scenes but they inspired us too.In this list you will find best moments of webhead on live action.

Train Scene /Spider-Man 2

Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

This scene means so much to me because I believe it has everything you want from a Spider-Man scene.Action is amazing but what makes it really special is what happens after Peter stops the train.In this movie Peter losts his faith in himself, he gets pushed around, love of his life is going to marry someone else, he can’t go to his classes and he can’t even pay his rent but after all of this Peter still chooses to be Spider-Man and uses all of his power to stop that train.When he stops the train everybody sees his face but this people choose to respect their hero and they try to comfort Peter when he realizes he doesn’t have his mask.They show Peter how much Spider-Man means to everyone.

I Believe There Is A Hero In All Of Us /Spider-Man 2

aunt may edited Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

Everytime I watch this scene I feel like Aunt May is talking to me because I really do believe in her words I believe there is a hero in all of us.In this scene Peter didn’t know what he is going to do and Aunt May helped him to get back up.After this scene Peter realized that even that he wanted to stop being Spider-Man choice wasn’t his to make because his powers are not his to give but they are for everyone.Her words showed all of us what being a hero means in the end, it means sacrificing a lot for a greater good even our dreams.

Bridge Scene /The Amazing Spider-Man

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This is the scene Peter becomes Spider-Man.He used his powers to get revenge and find the killer of Uncle Ben and after his talk with George Stacy he understands that.Saving this kid and bringing him to his dad showed Peter that Spider-Man can and must be something more than his revenge and after realizing this he truly becomes Spider- Man.

Crane Swinging Scene /The Amazing Spider-Man

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Main reason why I love this scene is that you can feel how desperate Peter is in this scene.He is not an expert on web swinging, he is injured and Gwen is in danger.You can see and feel how he is trying to reach Gwen with all of his power but he can’t.Then he sees all of those cranes and gets up one more time patches up his wound and starts swinging to Oscorp tower to stop The Lizard.

Death Of Gwen Stacy /The Amazing Spider-Man 2

gwendeath Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

I cried when I first saw this scene in theatres even that I knew Gwen might die in this movie.Andrew Garfield’s performance in this scene is just perfect you can see how much he regrets his choice to be with Gwen and that made me feel heart broken. In this scene every detail was amazing : Peter’s web trying reach Gwen like a hand, Peter trying his absolute best to stop the clock from cutting his web, his reaction when he realize he couldn’t save Gwen.

You Are My Path /The Amazing Spider-Man 2

youaremypath Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

After doing everything he can to keep his promise Peter realizes that this is his last chance to see Gwen and he finally opens up about every feeling he has and says he knows there is a million reasons why they shouldn’t be together but he is tired of them and we can feel the emotions in this scene because we are tired of those reasons too and we all want them to be together.

I Have A Father Scene /Spider-Man

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We see Peter’s growth in this scene.In the beginning of the movie he broke his Uncle Ben’s heart by saying he shouldn’t pretend to be his father but now in the end he growed into a man that can say “I have a father his name was Ben Parker.”

Become Hope Scene /The Amazing Spider-Man 2

lastsceee Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

Peter lost his will to be Spider-Man after he couldn’t save Gwen but after Aunt May’s talk and watching Gwen’s speech he goes to stop Rhino and becomes hope just like Gwen said.Most people say they didn’t understand why Gwen talked like she is going to die in that speech but I believe he was also talking to Peter in that speech, she understands how hard life can be for him but she believes in him and what he is representing.

I hope you guys liked this list called “Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies”, I didn’t put any fight scenes in this list except Train Scene because I think these scenes were more special but I am going make a list about fight scenes too.


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