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batman Arkham Games Best to Worst

by Iron-SpiderYC

In this post we are gonna look into Batman Arkham Games Best to Worst

1-Arkham City

After Arkham Asylum’s success they needed make a game that is even better and they didn’t disappoint.Arkham City was everything Batman fans wanted from a Batman game.It has a great story,combat,open world,soundtrack and amazing side missions you can play.

2-Arkham Origins

A lot of people expected more from this game but I think it did everything good except side missions.This game has best boss battles and a good story that you can play as a younger and more angry Bruce Wayne.Story takes place in Christmas and that just makes everything way better and we are still young means we dont have good relationships with Gotham Police so enjoy beating the hell out of all those corrupt cops.

3-Arkham Knight

People expected a lot from this game and it disappointed a lot.Even that story was good Arkham Knight not being a new character and sometimes game turning into a tank war were bad sides of this game.When you take those bad sides away you end up having an amazing game with a great main villain,side quests and a great ending for Arkham Series.This was a goodbye from Batman to the fans and they made you feel it every second.

4-Arkham Asylum

It was great for its time but I played these games years later after their releases and I have to say that I enjoyed other games more than this one.This doesn’t mean it is a bad game because we all know that it is a great game and it did an amazing job with its combat system.Only thing that I didn’t like about this game is its final because after all those great missions we played, a giant Titan Joker was a bad idea for final boss fight.

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Jeff 16 November 2020 - 01:24

Meh. For me B:AA is 2nd best. It wasn’t much compared to other 3 but it was like first Assassin’s Creed. Just dolid introduction. B:AO was first game I’ve met gamebreaking bug, it was bugged much and it had some really lame boss fights that really showed they dudn’t even had hearth to think about how to make cool. And B:AK? Buggest hype train of year to end up bugged like B:AO taught them nothing


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