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Best To Worst MCU’s Spider-Man Villains

by Iron-SpiderYC

MCU’s Spider-Man faced 3 main villains in his movies but which one is the best one? Let’s find out together.

1 – Green Goblin / Spider-Man No Way Home

image 5 Best To Worst MCU's Spider-Man Villains

Brutal action, Willem Dafoe’s perfect acting, a tragic story and pumpkin bombs! Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin was perfect and he was the villain we were waiting for MCU Spider-Man to face. His actions forced Peter to grow up and his tragic story was great. In the end we didn’t want Peter to kill him because he is just a guy who lost control of his life because of an experiment and it is painful for him.

2 – Vulture / Spider-Man Homecoming

image 6 Best To Worst MCU's Spider-Man Villains

Michael Keaton’s Vulture had great motivations, he was smart, he was scary and it was great to finally see Vulture on big screen. Making him Liz’s father was a big mistake and it kinda killed the story for me. I mean come on guys Peter is a superhero he is facing a villain and that villain is the father of the girl he is in love with. This doesn’t work, it is just lazy writing but they did every other thing right so I still liked him a lot as a villain.

3 – Mysterio / Spider-Man Far From Home

image 7 Best To Worst MCU's Spider-Man Villains

Mysterio is the perfect villain for cinema and special effects. We waited a lot to see him on big screen and results were perfect visually. Fight scenes were smart and great, his tricks were fun to watch and his suit looks amazing but I can’t say the same about his story and motivations. His backstory is just cheap and we didn’t really need Tony Stark involved with his story, it doesn’t make a lot of sense too. His motivations were off too, I mean what are you going to do? Keep tricking world’s most powerful heroes for years into believing you are a hero and you have powers? Doing all of this instead of simply selling this technology doesn’t really make sense and Peter giving him Tony’s glasses after talking to him for 5 minutes felt out of character for Peter and effected the story in a bad way too.

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