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Netflix’s Marvel Shows Best To Worst

by Iron-SpiderYC

Netflix made 6 Marvel shows and some of them were great. Today I listed Netflix’s Marvel shows best to worst with reasons.


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I believe there is no doubt that Daredevil was the best Marvel show that Netflix made. They did everything great about it. They were loyal to comics, they changed some parts for the story and those parts only made story better, villains were great because they spend some time telling their stories too and they did an amazing job at showing personality of Matthew Murdock. When you combine all these things and add a great cast, you will have a great show like Daredevil.(I still have hopes about a new season)


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They added Punisher in Daredevil’s second season and he was one of the best parts of that season. Scenes that we saw Frank’s tragedy and pain was great and Jon Bernthal’s acting made those scenes even better. Punisher’s own show had better stories than some of the other shows in this list and it has pretty good fight scenes too, seeing Frank killing all those guys with his tactics and brutality is one of the best things about this show and it definitely deserves its place.

3-Jessica Jones

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I was going to put Jessica Jones higher on this list but I realized that I can only say first season was perfect. I love first season of this show because it gives you a great story when you didn’t expect one from a character like Jessica Jones. I believe the main reason other seasons weren’t as good as first one is that they couldn’t find a good villain after Killgrave. Killgrave is scary, has a good story behind him and he is one of the reasons that Jessica has most of her problems. After a good villain like that I didn’t really enjoy seeing Jessica’s mom, Trish or that creep from last season as villains. Still if you want a good show to watch in your free time Jessica Jones is a great option.

4-Luke Cage

luke cage kapak Netflix's Marvel Shows Best To Worst

I enjoyed both seasons of this show and I am sad that it ended with a cliffhanger. First season had one of the best villains from all these shows and it was amazing to watch him until well… he died. It had a lot of comic book references too like Luke’s classic suit and his team up with Iron Fist.


defen Netflix's Marvel Shows Best To Worst

It was hard to watch this show. It is clear that they changed the script a lot to make this team up happen and it just doesn’t feel natural at all. Only good thing about this show is Daredevil and Jessica’s scenes. Iron Fist is a fool like always and show is longer than it should’ve been. Choices like killing Stick and Elektra were not good ideas too.

6-Iron Fist

iron fist incelemesi Netflix's Marvel Shows Best To Worst

Danny Rand is just a fool with anger problems in this show and you just can’t understand how he is the Iron Fist. This show has an awful script, bad fight scenes, bad villains and they couldn’t even give Iron Fist his original costume from movies. It is garbage and you shouldn’t waste time watching it.

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