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I Love The Amazing Spider-Man

by Iron-SpiderYC

We have a chance to see Andrew’s Spider-Man again and I wanted write about why I love his version of Spider-Man.


Characters like Aunt May,Uncle Ben and Flash Thompson were one of the reasons I love first movie too.Aunt May is not old like Raimi trilogy,she is still the person who gives advices to Peter and she always cares about him and after Ben’s death you can clearly see her worries about Peter because of Peter’s secret identity.We spend more time with Uncle Ben in this movie and you can see and feel how important he is to Peter.He tries to help him in every way he can and he tries to teach Peter lessons even that sometimes he doesn’t want to learn them.Peter learns those lessons in the end and he eventually becomes the man,the Spider-Man he is destined to be.Flash Thompson is our classic bully but this time he has character development and he feels like a real person,even they had bad moments with Peter he goes to him after Uncle Ben’s death and tries to talk to him.That talk leads to these two becoming friends later and seeing that development is great.

andrew garfield amazing spider man I Love The Amazing Spider-Man


I think we all love fight scenes from these 2 movies.They are the best fight scenes after Spider-Man 2’s Train Scene.Spider-Man acts like a real spider in these fight scenes : he is agile,he is fast,he is powerful and he dodges a lot of attacks thanks to his Spider-Sense.He also remembers to make jokes too : he throws Lizard books at library fight and he keeps calling Electro ”Sparkles”.Last fight with Electro is my favorite from these movies,in that fight Peter used everything he has to stop Electro :his speed,webs,mind,power and in the end they stopped Electro with Gwen’s help.Best thing about these fight scenes is CGI.Sony’s team did an incredible job with these scenes when it comes to CGI.You can see Spider-Man’s muscle movements,costume shading and feeling of cloth,lenses reflect light all of these were perfectly done and I hope Marvel can learn a lesson from them about their Spider-Man.

gwen andre I Love The Amazing Spider-Man


This relationship feels real.You can feel Peter being shy about thing,you can feel they both love each other and trust each other.When Peter tries to talk to Gwen in school and being nervous about it you feel nervous too but you feel better when you see Gwen is cool about it and tries to talk to Peter.In TASM 2 when Peter feels responsible and breaks up with Gwen,he keeps missing her but he loves her so much that he wants to protect her and you feel his struggle too because you miss your friend,you miss Gwen too.I think Gwen died too early because every fan wanted to see this relationship more but even her death scene was perfect.Peter trying his best to save her,web in shape of a hand trying to reach and save Gwen.It all leads to Gwen’s death and the thing Peter feared all movie is there : Dead body of the girl he loved in his arms.He feels desperate,he doesn’t know what to do and you can see it in Andrew Garfield’s face.Like he said ”I can’t do this without you.” .Peter feels so bad and responsible for Gwen’s death that he puts his costume away,he spends a long time waiting in front of Gwen’s grave but after talking to Aunt May and listening to Gwen’s video he chooses to not bury Gwen but put her in a good place in his heart and hold on to hope again,he chooses to become hope again for Gwen.He puts his mask again and rest is the amazing ending of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.Thank you Andrew Garfield,Emma Stone and Marc Webb for these amazing moments.


After Raimi Trilogy Sony wanted to try new things and they wanted a different suit.Costume designers did an amazing job and gave us an unique suit with amazing details.I spent a long time getting use to that suit because it was really different and a lot of people didn’t like that suit in that time but now I keep seeing most people has good feelings about that suit.My only issue about that suit is that sometimes mask looks awful because of lenses and black line in the middle,I think they can fix this issue easily so I couldn’t understand why they didn’t when I saw the movie.Second suit is without a doubt the best live action classic suit for me.Lenses,colours they are all perfect and Andrew looks amazing in that suit.Even Vigilante suit from the first movie is a good suit for me because I would’ve make a suit like that if it was just temporary too.I love all three of these suits and first one is still my favorite live action Spider-Man suit.


We spend a lot of time with Peter in these movies and those moments helped us to connect more with him.He does things that we all would do : he searches internet after spider bite and he panics after seeing pictures,after learning how to use his abilities he keep testing himself and jumping around.We also had a lot of time to see Peter’s intellect too.He made his web shooters and he kept failing while making them,he tried to upgrade his web shooters after his fight with Electro,he solved his father’s work by looking at his notes and even his room is showing us what kind of a person he is with all those posters and that little lock for his door.Peter in these movies learned great responsibility lesson after a long time in the movie and that is okay for me.He realized he was after the wrong way after he talked to Mr. Stacy and saved that little kid on the bridge.He became the guy who just wants to help no matter what from comics and became a better Spider-Man.


Only villain that I liked from these movies was The Lizard and even he could’ve been way better.He could’ve looked better if he wasn’t giant and his story could’ve been better if we saw more details about him.Other villains like Electro and Goblin were disasters.Electro’s story was just the story of a sad fanboy and Goblin’s story was rushed and unnecessary.Only good thing about Electro is his visual effects and lightnings in fight scenes.


I liked the musics in both of these movies but if I can choose musics for a Spider-Man movie I would prefer more heroic musics like Iron Man 3,Dark Knight and Spider-Man Trilogy did.First movie had very characteristic musics that define that movie and I like that,every scene has his own different feeling with the music.Second movie had good musics too but like I said I expected better from Hans Zimmer because his job in Dark Knight was perfect.


I know this sounds really normal know but in those days having web shooters in the movie was a great thing because Sam Raimi choose a bad option and decided to go with organic webbing.Seein Peter making his own web shooters in this movie and seeing his problems after web runs out or his web shooters get destroyed was great to watch for me.Those web shooters not only add more excitement to scenes but also they show us how smart Peter really is.In second movie I can’t say I liked the new design for the web shooters because they looked like a toy in some scenes but still it was good to see Peter’s struggles when he was left with one web shooter or when he had to upgrade them because of Electro.

So in the end I love these movies and they mean a lot to me.I was 11 years old when I saw the first movie and I still remember trying to make a suit for myself.Thanks to those movies I loved this character even more and I will always be thankful to Marc Webb,Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone for their great effort in these movies.We still have a chance to see this version of Spider-Man again and I am looking forward to that.I hope you all liked my article and don’t forget to tell me your opinions about these movies in comments,I read all of them.

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