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It Is Official Marvel Will Ruin Kingpin Too

by Iron-SpiderYC

After waiting for a long time to see our heroes from Netflix shows to come back. Daredevil and Kingpin are back but now they are in the hands of Disney who loves making everything PG 13. Let’s discuss what Hawkeye’s final episode means for Wilson Fisk.

It is a fact that Daredevil fans loved Daredevil Show and they loved Wilson Fisk. He was smart, scary, he always had a plan and even that he was only human he always felt powerful.

I was really excited to see him in Hawkeye and I thought it was going to be the same version from Netflix version but it looks like Marvel did some changes and it doesn’t look good. Let’s talk about those changes :

1 – He Is Way More Powerful

He kept throwing Kate Bishop like she was made of paper. His powers seem like he is not a normal human anymore but this change kinda ruins his character because Kingpin wasn’t scary because he was invincible in Netflix Show, he was scary because he was only human with no extra powers except his mind, connections and wealth.

2 – He Is Invincible

I get that an arrow can’t hurt him because he was wearing a special suit in Netflix show too but this version just not human. He got hit by a car, survived an explotion, broke arrows like it was nothing and I guess he will somehow survive a bullet too.

3 – He Isn’t Smart Like Before

Kingpin from Daredevil show was smart and he was a real pain in the … for Matt. He just appeared in 2 episodes but he already looks stupid. He went there without backup and tried to handle things himself? That’s not Kingpin. He didn’t have a plan or guys that he trust to kill Kate’s mother. Real Kingpin would just sit in his chair give some orders and deal with this situation without taking a single step.

4 – His Operation Looks Smaller

He was working with professionals in Daredevil show and now we saw him trusting those amateurs for a really important job. He said he owns the city but I doubt it.

5 – Change Of Style

Seeing him in comic accurate clothes and using a cane was really cool, I hope we can keep seeing him like this.

kingpin It Is Official Marvel Will Ruin Kingpin Too

Important Note

Vincent D’onofrio is a talented actor and he was amazing in Daredevil show. He was perfect. He played his role great in these episodes too. I blame Marvel for low quality of the character and I hope they fix it.

Wilson Fisk is a brutal, fearless, smart and serious character. We all want to see that again I hope we can get that again in the future.

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Junior 24 December 2021 - 11:00

Ight bro I get it, listen to Vincent’s recent interview they obviously gave him a substance that gives Kingpin stregth and durability. The clothes he wears is straight out the comics and if you don’t believe me search it up. His operation seemed smaller because he got blipped which ruined his whole operation so he was trying to build back up. Just give this Kingpin a second chance and you’ll see and the last scene where Maya shoots Kingpin is straight out the comics as well but he is blinded temporary


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