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Marvel Needs A Reboot!

by Iron-SpiderYC

When I am reading comics these days I always keep thinking about 616 needs a reboot and it needs it now.Here are some of the reasons I listed why it needs a reboot.

1-Characters keep dying and coming back to life.

image 3 Marvel Needs A Reboot!
“Death Of Karen Page”

Killing characters in comics was a really important thing but seeing characters like Kraven,Mysterio,Wolverine and Gwen Stacy coming back to life made me feel like dying is not impontant in this universe anymore because they keep coming back anyway!

2-Too many stories

image 2 Marvel Needs A Reboot!

There are too many stories and events that things keep getting more complicated everyday and it is getting harder for readers to catch up.It isn’t good for comics too because after a long time with endless events you keep thinking that it is becoming unrealistic everyday.

3-Age Problems

img 3310 Marvel Needs A Reboot!

Peter Parker started being Spider-Man when he was 15 and even he is nearly 30 now so other heroes are becoming old even that Marvel doesnt act like it.So Marvel needs to understand that their heroes are getting older everyday or they should be brave enough to reboot the universe to fix those age problems.

4-No Character Development

image 5 Marvel Needs A Reboot!

Marvel doesnt want their characters to be old or have long relationships so they dont let these characters to grow.In Superior Spider-Man we saw Otto becoming a better man and how started to care about other people but Marvel wanted their Doctor Octopus back so they threw all of the character development in garbage.Dead characters coming back as clones or seeing heroes learning the same lesson again and again isn’t making these comics any better.

These are the reasons why I think Marvel needs a reboot to fix their comic book universe and if you have a different opinion don’t forget to write it on comments.

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Josh 6 March 2021 - 07:11

your proposal is good, although in my opinion it would be better to make another universe just like they did the Ultimate Universe

Skomps 8 March 2021 - 21:56

I agree entirely, I want to read new Captain America comics but it seems like he’s had several different stories that I don’t even know where to start with because of all the new big story tie ins that include him.


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