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Marvel Needs Fantastic Four and X-Men

by Iron-SpiderYC
img 2912 Marvel Needs Fantastic Four and X-Men

After their success with Avengers, Marvel needs new stories to tell and here is what they need.

I loved Avengers movies but they are over and DC is coming with their greatest heroes and good looking movies.We know Marvel wants to stay in game and we also know that if they are going to keep being the best they need new big guns.

Most of the people doesnt care about what side characters doing and they will only watch these movies if they see something big and new.Marvel got two of their best teams back and they need to show their plans for them fast because DC is going fast and they are going to the right direction with their new projects.Fans missed Fantastic Four and X-Men, they want to see more comic accurate movies for them after those two disasters(F4 2015 and Phoenix).

I missed these teams on live action and I really think that they are Marvel’s best choice to stay on top right now.Tell me what do you think in comments.

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