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Marvel’s Avengers Did The Impossible

by Iron-SpiderYC

Yes you heard it right Marvel’s Avengers game did the impossible by making Spider-Man boring… and disappointing fans once again by not giving him any special mission.

We just got our first look at Spider-Man’s gameplay from Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man DLC and I feel sad to be honest. I wanted this game to be a success and they failed that opportunity by making this game a failure. It is clear that they only focused on making money out of characters names because game isn’t even close to being okay.

Spider-Man DLC wasn’t an exception too as we see in this gameplay. Spider-Man’s moves are really slow, he doesn’t feel agile at all and even the simple stuff like running looks bad. Seeing this gameplay made me and Spider-Man fans appreciate Insomniac’s Spider-Man even more. Web swinging looks real bad too, it doesn’t have any momentum while swinging, spidey does a slow and boring move when he lets the web go and webs attaching to buildings or other stuff looks a bit weird.

I believed Spider-Man DLC was the perfect opportunity for them to make fans happy and maybe sell the game once again but I have to say they failed again. This is just another bad attempt at selling the game with only using Spider-Man’s name and I don’t think it will work.

avengers spidey 2 Marvel's Avengers Did The Impossible

In conclusion don’t buy the game to see Spider-Man guys because this Spider-Man’s gameplay is really slow, boring, he isn’t agile at all, web swinging isn’t fun, Spidey shooting webs while walking looks like a kid made it and he doesn’t even have a special mission for himself. I am not even going to talk about those air attacks and stuff. I know this review is a bit harsh but I tried to be honest because I don’t want any of you to think this is worth buying the game.

Click here to watch gameplay video.

Tell me your opinions in comments. What do you guys think about this DLC?

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Why do I need to do this for a comment 24 November 2021 - 07:34

Damn I wanted this game to be good I really did but they only went for the money


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