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Marvel’s Avengers Is A Failure

by Iron-SpiderYC

Marvel’s Avengers keep losing their remaining players and here is why this game is a failure in the eyes of fans.

1-Story Is Too Short

When they announced this game, I was really excited about the story because I didn’t think online part will be fun to play.Now after seeing the story I can clearly say that it is short,unfinished and main character shouldn’t have been Ms. Marvel.You have all those legendary heroes and you decide to tell this story with the hero that only comic fans know…I don’t think thats a good idea at all.

2-It Is Unfinished

This game in far away from being finished and it makes you angry how they did everything easy.In the scene where Tony and Bruce argue we see a short clip of them fighting and when they are back they are both sorry and fight is over,they could’ve made great scenes in those moments but they choosed not to.When it comes to gameplay you keep doing the same things again and again until it becomes real boring.All these things pushes fans and gamers away from this game and you can see it with how many players they lost since game’s release.

3-We Can’t Connect With These Heroes

After finishing the game I didn’t feel close to any of these heroes because I think we are seeing them in the eyes of Kamala and they are just those legendary heroes.I wish we had more missions and stories we could explore other sides of these characters to know them better.

4-There Is No Open World In It

I don’t think that every game needs a open world to be a good game but if they were going to make a game like this, it could’ve been great for them to give us a open world we can fly as Iron Man with different speed modes or jump from building to building with Hulk and exploring this open world and trying to find easter eggs might’ve been great.

img 3645 Marvel’s Avengers Is A Failure
I have to say Iron Man’s suit in this game is amazing!

These are the reasons why I didn’t like this game and I still don’t think it can be saved but it is clear to me that it needs some time.Maybe new stories and characters might add some real good things but we have to wait and see.Thank you all for reading and if you have different opinions about this game tell those in comments.

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