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MCU Spider-Man Is A Failure

by Iron-SpiderYC

Mcu Spider-Man started his journey with Civil War and it was great.It looked like Marvel was going to give us everything we wanted from them but they threw all that potential with solo movies and they made it even worse with second movie.Here is a list of their mistakes.

1-Spider-Man Works Alone

Spider-Man always had problems with working with other heroes or joining teams like Avengers because he didn’t trust them about his identity and he knew even if he did join them he couldn’t work with them all the time because he has a life and he has his Aunt May who doesn’t know Peter’s identity and needs him.There were times Avengers knew Peter’s identity but he still doubted if he should join them or not because like Daredevil, Peter think that some heroes should look after the streets too.

2-Spider-Man Is Really Careful About His Identity

In mcu he keeps showing everyone his face and it doesn’t matter if he knows the guy well or not.We are talking about a guy who made a deal with the devil to keep his identity and loved ones safe.Seeing him going around showing everyone his face makes this character look stupid.

3-He Is More Than His Suit

In comics what makes Spider-Man special is that he is a good man who tries to help with all the power he has and he doesn’t need thousands of Stark Gadgets to do that.In these movies it looks like everyone can do what he does because most of the time suit does all the job.I mean give me that bulletproof Iron-Spider suit and I can do everything he does : I can shoot webs, I can beat anyone with those mechanical arms and I can survive hits I take thanks to the suit.If they want to show this character is more than those suits they need to prove it.In Spider-Man 2 Peter didn’t beat Doctor Octopus with his powers, he talked to him and reminded him who he really is.Scenes like that show you the hero behind the mask and you see it is not only his powers that makes him the hero he is.

4-There Are No Consequences

When Aunt May learned Peter’s secret identity she felt really bad and she waited to think before talking to Peter about it.When they talked about it May told Peter that she doesn’t want him to be Spider-Man anymore because she wants her nephew to be safe and even when she realized he is going to keep being Spider-Man she tried to protect his name by writing papers how they are wrong about him and she tried to read books to understand his perspective better.In the movie it is all just a joke for Jon Watts.May acts like she has no problem with him being Spider-Man and she even puts his suit in his suitcase like it is a normal thing.

5-There Is No Uncle Ben

There are certain things you can’t change about characters because it is their soul.You can’t change the murder of Batman’s parents, you can’t change the death of Daredevil’s father and you can’t change the man who made Peter the person he is.Uncle Ben is the most important part of Spider-Man comics because without him Peter could’ve been just an arrogant guy who has powers.MCU tried to replace that with Tony Stark and they even made fun of Spider-Man fans when Aunt May started dating Happy Hogan right after Ben’s death!

These are the main reasons why I don’t like MCU Spider-Man and why I think it is a big failure.If you have other opinions write them in comments.

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Isaac 16 November 2020 - 06:39

Spot on! I feel like Marvel doesn’t listen to its fans though. They just care about making an easy money grabbing movies that they know kids and their families are going to watch either way.

Davis 16 November 2020 - 09:31

I agree with you on some parts, but I respectfully disagree with the suit part. In hoco he learned that he didn’t need a suit to be a hero and in far from home he doesn’t use stark tech to win the final battle he uses his brains and spider sense to win.

Adrian 16 November 2020 - 16:17

I completely agree with your statement, while everyone agrees Tom Holland Spiderman looks identical to Peter Parker, the directors did a bad job at showing what Spiderman really is. Obviously some long term Spiderman fans were upset but they mostly get shit down by “true fans” or the “I only watch MCU movies so I know more”. Tom Holland came out in civil war and no one had any connection to him besides knowing he was in it. I think a movie or a backstory before civil war would have been great because then they could have shifted to it being from him being spider man because he realized that with great power comes great responsibility after Uncle Ben died, to showing that although he carries a lot of sadness on his shoulder for blaming himself over what happened, Tony could have shown him that it’s ok and to embrace what happened to protect others. But that’s just my opinion, idk if it made sense but yeah I think MCU spider isn’t the best.


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