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Moon Knight Is A Failure

by Iron-SpiderYC

Moon Knight from Disney+ was a show that fans waited for a long time but fans didn’t get The Moon Knight they were expecting and it is a failure and today we are going to talk about how bad this show really is.

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1 – They Turned Marvel Comics’ Brutal & Tortured Moon Knight Into A Joke

Moon Knight is one of Marvel’s most brutal characters and seeing them using the MCU formula on him and turning him into a joke was a disappointment. His mental problems could’ve been explored better too and seeing the real tragedy of Marc Spector could’ve been way better than him joking around with his other personality Steven.

d day2021 moon knight 720 Moon Knight Is A Failure

2 – This Show Had The Potential For A Great Start Of MCU’s Street Level Stories But They Choose A Bad Story

I was expecting a human story and some street level action with a lot of blood when i heard Moon Knight was coming and they promised there will be more brutality in it too but i guess they lied. It was a bad story full of mcu jokes and a weak villain. I expected better and i hoped better for Moon Knight but here we are talking about how bad it was.

Moon Knight Episode 6 Moon Knight Is A Failure

3 – CGI Is Awful

They had great suit designs and they ruined those with bad quality CGI eyes and like that wasn’t enough CGI was really bad in this show and it dropped the quality.

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