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Rise Of McFarlane Toys & DC Action Figures!

by Iron-SpiderYC

McFarlane Toys keeps making great figures and they are improving themselves with each figure. Their DC figures are a success and they keep making things harder for other toy companies by making great decisions for the fans.

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They Keep Listening To Fans

I think this is the best thing about McFarlane Toys and Todd McFarlane, they actually care about what fans think and they keep changing things when fans don’t like them and they fix problems for them too. DC banned guns from their toys and fans hated that, it is a stupid choice clearly but McFarlane Toys solved that problem by selling their own weapon packs and made fans happy.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Starro Build A Fig Featured 01 Rise Of McFarlane Toys & DC Action Figures!

They Are Not Lazy

They keep making new sculpts for figures, they are not afraid of hard work. Other companies love using same body sculpts for 100 characters but we keep seeing new sculpts from McFarlane Toys and I really like that. Some of their sculpts remind me some of these figures are real art because I can see how detailed and good looking they are.

mcfarlane toys shares new image of its dc multiverse dark nights metal gladiator action figure Rise Of McFarlane Toys & DC Action Figures!

Fair Prices

Companies like Hasbro raised their prices and never looked back but Todd McFarlane said he will stay at 19.99 as long as he can and he did. They work harder, they care about fans and they have fair prices because they know young people are collecting these figures too and they are not rich. This was a great decision by Todd McFarlane.

dc multiverse figures Rise Of McFarlane Toys & DC Action Figures!

They Give Us Vehicles & More

They are not afraid to make iconic vehicles of characters too and they sometimes make even more just like all those things from 60’s Batman Show figures.

DC Multiverse Dark Knight Banner Rise Of McFarlane Toys & DC Action Figures!

They Keep Improving

I guess this is the final part, they keep improving they aren’t stopping and they keep changing in better ways too, if fans keep supporting McFarlane Figures I think we will keep seeing amazing figures and maybe even more in the future!

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