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Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

by Iron-SpiderYC

I know you guys were waiting for this review and why I gave this movie 6/10. Here are all my opinions.

I really enjoyed this movie and I believe it is a perfect Spider-Man movie but it isn’t a good movie. It has many scenes for us Spidey fans and a lot of surprises but it also has a cheap story, many lazy choices and bad cgi in the second half. Let’s start with the parts I loved :

1 – Seeing My Heroes Again

SPIDER VERSE Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

Seeing them together acting like brothers, talking about their pains and joking around was amazing. I loved Tobey and Andrew’s chemistry better because they looked more connected to each other. They all did a great job with the acting part and I really hope we can see them again in future. I can’t finish this part without saying Andrew’s Peter Parker was perfect in this movie and a lot of people will change their opinions about him.

2 – A New Chapter For Tom’s Spider-Man

ffh edited Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

He is really Spider-Man now. He will struggle to balance his life, he will have money problems and now he has to deal with the fact that no one remembers him. I always wanted him to be more mature because this version of Spider-Man kept making stupid choices but I guess now we can watch the Spider-Man we know from comics.

3 – Fan Service Scenes , Iconic Lines & Expectations

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 21 at 23.39.10 edited Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

Trying to better Scene, You Know I am Something Of A Scientist Myself Scene, Power Of The Sun Scene, My Back Scene I loved every single one of them and I know you guys did too. Three of them talking about Tobey’s organic webbing, three of them talking about power and responsibility it was all amazing and I was smiling the whole time.

4 – Andrew’s Grief

gwendeath Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

I cried when I saw him talking about Gwen’s death and how it made him bitter. I loved him crying after catching Michelle and I have to say I really missed seeing The Amazing Spider-Man. He was perfect. We want another movie with Andrew!

5 – Green Goblin & Willem Dafoe’s Acting

green goblin Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

He was scarier in Spider-Man 1 in my opinion but that was because he had many more horrifying scenes and a lot more time to act. He was perfect in this movie and we saw a lot of hand to hand combat thanks to him. Him laughing after getting punched was amazing! Thank you Willem Dafore. You just become one of the best villains in MCU and superhero movies in general.

6 – Jonah Jameson & Peter’s Grief

jjj edited Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

Jonah Jameson didn’t have funny scenes in this movie because even that he is still hateful he is right in this movie. Spider-Man is the reason Mysterio caused all those damage and Spider-Man is the reason why all those villains were destroying the city. Peter was irresponsible and he paid the price with Aunt May’s death. The scene after May’s death was one of the best Spider-Man scenes ever I have to say that too.

7 – Seeing Matt Murdock Again

intro 1605896152 Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

We were all waiting to see him again and it was great to learn was Marvel listening.

8 – Peter & Michelle’s Relationship

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 04 at 21.44.08 edited Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

Their chemistry was way better than before and Michelle’s personality clearly got improved.

Okay we talked about all of the good stuff and now let’s talk about the parts that I have a problem with.

1 – Bad CGI

identity Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

We waited and dreamed about this movie for years and they gave us scenes with horrible CGI! I can’t believe it! Andrew’s first moments in the suit was cgi and it looked really bad, masks were all cgi and lenses weren’t even reflecting light so they were awful. In the first half of the movie every scene and cgi looked amazing but nobody give a damn about those scenes, we all wanted to see all three Spider-Man together looking great but they didn’t give us that. When they were running after they planned their attack it was three cgi Spider-Man running with bad animation and I was really disappointed. After that when they were fighting Electro their suits were looking fake again. I have to say that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had way better CGI. Good job Marvel!

2 – Fight Scenes

s2 edited Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

I don’t know about you guys but I expected way better than this. Only good fight scenes were Iron Spider fighting Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin torturing MCU Spider-Man. They had 5 villains but we didn’t even see them fighting together. It was a waste of potential and they cured every villain way too easily.

3 – Logical Errors

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 08 at 22.02.01 Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

-How does Doctor Octopus know about Green Goblin’s identity? Peter didn’t even tell Harry about that secret.

-If they teleported people who knew Peter Parker is Spider-Man then why did Electro was there?

-Ned learning magic in 3 seconds was bad writing and a stupid move.

-Those villains can’t survive even if they return : Electro will die because he comes from the moment he exploded, Doctor Octopus will sacrifice himself again, Sandman didn’t need any cure and Lizard already got cured and even if Peter did cure them and saved them they will just create new timelines and some of them might cause trouble for Spider-Man’s life and identity. Peter was selfish and dumb to save them.

4 – Personality Changes With Villains

ele Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

-They said Electro is from TASM universe but he was cool as hell in this movie and I didn’t like that. Max was a guy with bad luck, he had a good heart but he got bullied and he also had mental issues. They could’ve used all of those and wrote an amazing script but they didn’t.

-Doctor Octopus had an anger problem in this movie and I don’t like that. They tried saving that mistake by saying it was the arms but he wasn’t like this in Spider-Man 2. He was scary, dedicated, smart and he always had plan. They wrote him amazing after he got rid of the evil arms but it could’ve been better.

-Lizard was a joker and I don’t like that. His voice didn’t have that sound effect from TASM 1 too.

-Green Goblin was perfect I have to say it again.

-Sandman was always in his sand form and there is no explanation for that, he also started attacking Spider-Men for no reason in the end. He mentioned he had history with Tobey’s Peter and he saw other Peter helping those villains. Why did he attack? Answer is bad writing, yes.

5 – Cheap Moves

maxresdefault 1 Spider-Man No Way Home Review With SPOILERS!

-Lizard turning back to human scene was a scene from TASM 1. They were lazy about that scene.

-Sandman turning back to human scene was a scene from Spider-Man 3. They were lazy again.

-Ned using magic was just awful. There were million ways they could bring Andrew and Tobey together but they just choose the bad option.

-Not adding anything to Tobey’s story was a bad choice too. They could’ve said he was married now but no they said it was complicated again… Don’t be afraid of character development Sony.

These were all my opinions about the movie. I can’t wait to see what you guys think. Don’t forget to write your opinions in comments.

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heylol 22 December 2021 - 00:35

the use of recycled footage from Sandman and Lizard is because they couldn’t film on set, they only provided the voice acting

bunty girdhar 22 December 2021 - 00:39

Very much agree with you. There also should’ve been some gap between introducing Andrew and Tobey. They could make the movie a little longer and add more depth to story and character building of such a big roaster. They made all perfect antidotes in one go, no error, no big surprises in the end.

tyler 22 December 2021 - 05:31

agree with you completely. they tried their very best to ruin andrews return like having him get a cob web on the ceiling ? are you kidding me.

Raymond 22 December 2021 - 08:02

I agree with you on most parts, but a complain I have myself is that the beginning was rushed too, with Spider-Man identity revealed and problems solved so quickly with the law, I didn’t like it much, I would’ve loved to see like 30 minutes extra of court cases and how DD approached them, but we can’t say much on the cgi, the cgi wasn’t the best, but we needed to get cgi suits because if they were to film all the Spider-Man than it would’ve forusre got leaked even more

Hassan 24 December 2021 - 01:47

I started to think that the movie wasn’t supposed to be like this, but sony didn’t wanna lose money, so they change a lot in a short times, so yea, bad storyline and bad CGI, that’s all we got


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