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Top 5 Marvel Legends Problems

by Iron-SpiderYC

Here are the Top 5 Marvel Legends Problems and What We Want to See New

1-Using the same body again and again

Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same body for different characters again and again.They used Pizza Spidey’s body for characters like Vulture,Electro and it doesnt make sense.

2-Paint Problems

This is one of the worst problems for figure collectors.Most of the time I am afraid to order my figures online because when it comes to Marvel Legends figures it is hard to find a figure with perfect paint.They should really find a solution for this because if you check their new Spider-Man Retro figure it is really hard to find one with good Lenses and webbing paint.I hope they fix this and we can start buying figures online without hesitation.

3-Not Enough Accessories

Look at Spider-Man Retro figure again and you’ll understand what I am talking about.Am I asking for too much when I want extra hands for my figure or maybe some webbing.New Retro line is 20$ like their all figures but it doesnt have a baf piece and they still didnt even give us wall crawling hands,I believe this is unfair.

4-Too Many Exclusives

It is hard for collectors who live outside USA to buy exclusives and they arent helping when they make their best figures exclusive.Captain America Endgame was the perfect Cap figure and it was exclusive,Moon Knight looks amazing and it is exclusive,we waited a lot for Fantastic Four figures and their original figures are exclusive TOO! They should think about collectors from other countries too,they should help us to find these figures more easily.

5-Bad Figures We Buy For BAF

When they are making a figure line they should put related figures together.I am a Spider-Man fan and I wanted to collect Demogoblin BAF but I dont care about Shang-Chi and I dont want his figure,I am a Fantastic Four fan and I dont want to buy She Hulk figure to collect Skrull BAF.

Tell me in comments if you agree with my list or not and dont forget to write down your own problems with Marvel Legends.

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