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Ultimate VS Amazing Which One Is The Best Spider-Man?

by Iron-SpiderYC

Ultimate VS Amazing Which One Is The Best Spider-Man?

These are two of the best Spider-Man series out there and one of the questions people asked me most was which one is the better Spider-Man? There are a lot of things to talk about these two but today I want to focus on 2 main things : Story and Character himself.

image 5 Ultimate VS Amazing Which One Is The Best Spider-Man?
Death Of Gwen Stacy

I have to say this was a hard question to answer because they are both great and fun to read.Ultimate Spider-Man’s(1610) emotions and stories were perfect and I felt like this was what will happen if Spider-Man lived in our world.Ultimate Peter kept losing his mask,having hard times to control his emotions and losing his loved ones.When we look at Amazing Spider-Man(616) we see a lot of amazing stories but we also see hundreds of bad stories and because of this it is hard for new readers to read all of Amazing series.So when it comes to story quality I have to thank Michael Bendis and say that Ultimate Spider-Man has a better run and you can read it all without getting bored.When it comes to character itself I find myself remembering all those great moments from amazing series and tell myself that this is the real Spider-Man and no one can beat this.I remember Peter lifting Daily Bugle,I remember him saying “No More” and leaving his suit,I remember him not giving up and beating Juggernaut with his intelligence.

I believe that Ultimate Spider-Man ended way too soon and killed its potential to become the best with it.They didn’t even use most of Spider-Man’s villains in this series and I think that is just a waste of potential.

I love both of these Spider-Man but I always feel like 616 Peter is my hero and he will always stay as the best Spider-Man because in the end we all know that he is the original Spider-Man and beating that is really hard.If you want to beat that you will need more than 160 issues.

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