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Vincent D’Onofrie Is Coming Back As Kingpin!

by Iron-SpiderYC
Vincent D'Onofrie

There are rumors about Daredevil coming back and recent events showed us that Devil Of Hells Kitchen really might be returning.

There are a lot of fans who want Daredevil show to return, Vincent D’Onofrie showed his support a lot of times by supporting fans and telling us that he wants to play Kingpin again. There are a lot of reliable sources talking about Daredevil’s return in No Way Home and Kingpin’s return in episode 5 of Hawkeye show, Vincent D’Onofrie kinda confirmed these rumors by liking one of them on twitter.

Vincent D'Onofrie

We don’t know Daredevil is going to continue as a tv show or we will see him in movies but Daredevil is Marvel’s best tv show and it definitely deserved a 2-3 more seasons because show never became bad or repeated itself like DC’s tv shows. I hope we can see that Bullseye story and maybe return of a cruel Kingpin after Vanessa’s death(seems like a good idea to me).

I hope these news are true and we can see these amazing actors again. What do you guys think about these news? Tell us in comments.

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