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Final we all waited for is here and it was amazing.Lets discuss what happened and what might happen in future.

Final episode of WandaVision answered nearly all of our questions and it left new ones too.My biggest question about this episode is about White Vision.We saw him getting his memories back thanks to other Vision but they didn’t show us where he went after that.Is he normal again? When will he go back to Wanda? These are things I am curious about but I am glad that they are going to answer these later because focusing on Vision’s last moments with Wanda and kids was the right decision and those moments were full of emotions.Vision that Wanda created was a part of Wanda and he was also the image she had about Vision.He was brave,heroic,full of love and he was always ready to make any sacrifice just to do the right thing, he wasn’t just a puppet like every other person in the city and I loved that.

vision WandaVision Episode 9 Review

Story of Wanda is not complete yet and in the end we saw her studying magic and learning how to use her powers.Like Vision said ”More I learn about it(mind stone) less it controls me.” She is learning more about her powers to finally be able to control herself and while studying we heard her sons screaming for help.I think even that kids are Wanda’s creation they had souls and those souls had no place to go because they weren’t really alive so they must be stuck somewhere and they need help.It looks like we will learn what she is going to do and what will happen to kids or Vision in Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness.

I loved how unique, exciting, fun and full of emotions this show was and I don’t have any problem with them not showing any big cameo in the end because I don’t think that bringing mutants or Dr.Strange into the show is easy like that.If people want mutants or Dr.Strange to show up, I believe it will be more complicated and it will take some time to develop those events.

I’ll be happy if you guys tell me what you all think about this show and final in comments.

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