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We Don’t Deserve Logan

by Iron-SpiderYC

When I look back at all these superhero movies we have I feel bad about some of the movies that didn’t earn the money they deserved and it makes me think about if companies are right about making meaningless action movies just for money.

Recently we saw 2 movies that didn’t deserve their box office numbers : Captain Marvel and Spider-Man Far From Home.

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Both of these movies are meaningless action movies with some bad jokes.After watching those movies I look at Logan and I can clearly say that it is an amazing movie and a great comic book adaptation.

Logan is trying to tell a story with soul about a man who lost everyone he ever loved.This movie tried to do that without any fears.It didn’t show people stupid cameos, it didn’t show us jokes in the most serious, it didn’t show us a good ending that everyone can like.It showed us a man who doesn’t want pain anymore, it showed us a man lived a life full of violence and lost in the end.

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I am not saying every movie should tell a serious story with a lesson but I believe movies about characters that people love shouldn’t be empty and meaningless movies made for only money either.I love reading and watching Spider-Man since I was a little kid and it hurts when I see Marvel making him joke and after seeing box office numbers it hurts seeing movies like that getting more attention than movies like Logan.

I still have hope that people will understand what I tried to explain in this article and I know that as audience we have power to change what we will watch.In the end they will keep movies that we will go and see on cinema.

Which side audience will choose?

Lets see it in future together.

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The King of Ducks 11 November 2020 - 02:34

I think this is the best comic article I’ve ever seen. And the fact that the article is about Logan makes it much more valuable.


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