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What I Want From Spider-Man 2 PS4

by Iron-SpiderYC

Spiderman 2 PS4..
Insomniac games made the best Spider-Man game ever and now they have to make it even better.Here is a list of the things I want to see in Spider-Man 2.

1-More Side Missions With More Differences

image What I Want From Spider-Man 2 PS4

Most of the side missions from this game is amazing but after playing it for a couple days you end up having nothing to do except swinging and doing the same things.New and more side missions with stories will make gameplay even better and it will add more hours to our play time.

2-New and Iconic Villains

image 1 What I Want From Spider-Man 2 PS4

We saw most of Peter’s villains in game with references and easter eggs.Seeing special missions for villains like Mysterio,Lizard,Sandman can take story to different places,show us what happened in their fights in the past and give us great boss fights.

3-Better Boss Fights

Only thing Spider-Man PS4 did bad was boss fights because in most of them we just kept doing the same thing over and over again to defeat the villain and I want to see better and more challenging boss fights in the next game just like Arkham Origins’s boss fights.

4-Black Suit

We saw Venom in the end of first game and we all want to see him and black suit in the next game.Playing with black suit and having special combat for it will be amazing.Web Of Shadows had the best Black Suit gameplay and I believe Insomniac should take inspiration from that game if they want to create a new combat system for black suit.After Venom’s movie he has even more fans than before and seeing Insomniac’s version of him and black suit is a thing I want to see in the new game.

5-Improved Web Swinging

image 2 What I Want From Spider-Man 2 PS4

Insomniac gave us the best web swinging ever and I never get bored of the game cause of it and I am really excited to see how they will improve it even more and add some new moves for us to do while swinging.I believe they will beat their first success and make web swinging even more real and fun.

Thats what I expect from new game guys don’t forget to tell me what do you think about this list and write your own expectations from next game.

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