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What Should We Expect From The Batman?

by Iron-SpiderYC

I am a huge Batman fan and I believe we waited long enough for a good Batman and today I want to talk about what should we expect from Matt Reeves’s The Batman.

You can check all of the Batman movies and you cant find a movie that will make you feel like Batman is the greatest detective on earth, it looks like in this movie we will finally see his detective side more and watch him solving the mystery of Riddler’s murders and riddles.One of the most important things about Batman is his fighting skills and after seeing him puncing the hell out of that guy I can clearly say that we should expect good and brutal fight scenes from this Batman.

Nolan’s Batman movies are amazing and I love watching those movies but his Batman couldnt move fast and I cant even remember one good fight scene from that trilogy.When it comes to villains, it looks like we will witness the beginning of their stories too, Catwoman will look better when she wears his other outfit and it looks like we will see a dark adaptation of Riddler, I always hated Riddler as a character he had so much potential but he kept wearing a silly green suit and making damn puzzles like he did in Arkham Games.If they keep going with the dark serial killer thing they might even make Riddler a better character in the end.

Like most of you I loved this trailer and I keep watching “I am vengeance” scene 5 times a day.After I learned Robert Pattinson was going to be Batman, I believed he was going to be the best Batman ever and this trailer gives me even more hope about it.Thank you all for reading and dont forget to tell me what do you guys think about this trailer in comments.

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