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Which Live Action Spider-Man Is The Best One?

by Iron-SpiderYC

We saw three different versions of our Webhead in big screen and on this article we will answer the big question. Which one is the best?

tomho Which Live Action Spider-Man Is The Best One?

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

We watched three fun movies with Tom Holland as Spider-Man and we also saw him in Avengers movies too. I was one of those fans who waited a long time to see Spider-Man interact with other heroes on big screen and to be honest it was a big disappointment. Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man is definitely made for kids and that hurt his story real bad. He acts like a 11 year old kid most of the time, makes mistakes(killing his aunt by bringing in deadly villains home, nearly killing all his friends with drones, giving deadly glasses to a guy he met 2 minutes ago and list goes on) Peter Parker would never make and doesn’t learn anything about responsibility until his third movie even that a lot of stuff happened to him. This version of Spider-Man is not heroic like other two and it looks like he still has a long road to walk before becoming a real hero.

Best Scenes From Spider-Man Movies

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

We were really lucky that we watched Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies before Sony and Marvel started controlling everything and left only little pieces for directors to tell their story and show their art. Tobey’s Spider-Man is a perfect example of early days of Spider-Man from the comics. He is a kid from Queens with a good heart. This version of Spider-Man showed us Peter Parker’s struggles really good, he was powerful but he was also vulnerable, he was heroic but that didn’t ruin his humanity. I also think that this version of Peter Parker sometimes becomes way too quiet compared to Spider-Man we saw from the comics who never shuts up and this Peter Parker did things that Peter Parker wouldn’t normally do like turning into an emo after getting the symbiote(it was funny and I love watching that scene but you get my point). We saw this Peter Parker’s growth in his movies, we saw why did he become Spider-Man and we felt his responsibility. I love this version of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 is my favorite Spider-Man movie for many reasons but I guess it is time for us to talk about the best live action Spider-Man ever?

the amazing edited Which Live Action Spider-Man Is The Best One?

Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb wanted his version of Spider-Man to be more human, he wanted him to be realistic but Spider-Man is a superhero and a guy crawling on walls is not realistic at all so he made every part except spider powers realistic. He made us feel every emotion. This version of Peter Parker is real, his emotions are real, you can see it, you can feel it and you were him in high school. When he fels in love with Gwen but keeps having trouble talking with her you can feel his stress, when he tells Gwen that she is the only person he told his secret then suddenly talks about their kiss you feel his love and youth and when desperately tries to reach Oscorp in the end to save Gwen you can see his fear. I read nearly all Spider-Man comics and I can clearly say that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man felt like Spider-Man I’ve read for all those years the most. His Spider-Man quips a lot, he fights like a Spider, he is powerful, his agility was amazing to watch in those fight scenes, him swinging in the city is definitely better than the other two(way better than mcu version) and I still prefer this version when it comes to showing Peter Parker’s intellect. He is smart but he is still learning, he keeps making mistakes and I really like those scenes where we watch him being the science nerd he is in comics. After watching all Spider-Man movies again and again I believe Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is the best one and the most comic accurate one(Ultimate Spider-Man comics). Seeing him as Spider-Man again was a gift and it meant a lot to me. I hope we get TASM 3 one day and see this version of Peter Parker learning to love again.

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I hope you guys liked reading this and I really hope that Sony makes TASM 3 and Spider-Man 4 after the success of No Way Home because I realized I can only enjoy all of these versions when I am not stuck with mcu version. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man can be childish, fun and it doesn’t have to show us character growth if Marvel doesn’t want to tell serious stories but I can only have fun watching those movies knowing that there will be serious stories too about my hero. It doesn’t really matter which one is the best one but what really matters is which one you see yourself more in because in the end that’s what Spider-Man is about, he is not rich, he is not a god, he is normal guy with many problems just like us. I felt that most watching Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and I saw the Spider-Man I grew up reading. Which version is your favorite and which one is the best one? Don’t forget to tell us in comments.

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