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Will Vision Stay Alive?

by Iron-SpiderYC

After watching last episode of WandaVision we all have the same question in our heads and here is my thoughts about what might happen in future.
Will Vision stay alive?

To be honest I want Vision to stay alive because I believe that Wanda needs a break and Vision is a good and powerful character that Marvel can use in other movies but because of the reasons I listed I don’t think that is possible and here are those reasons :

1-Wanda Believes They Can’t Leave That Place

vision Will Vision Stay Alive?

Wanda was not focusing and she saw Vision’s corpse and when Vision talked about moving to another place Wanda said they can’t leave and this is their home.I think she knows that if they leave Vision and kids will disappear and she will be alone again.I think she knows that this is the only place she can still have a happy life with Vision.

2-Vision Said He Is An Illusion

marvel wandavision dizisi 1608418405 Will Vision Stay Alive?

This isn’t a clear proof but I believe this might be a hint about what is happening with Vision.When he was performing a magic show with Wanda he accidently said he is an illusion.We don’t know if Wanda is moving Vision’s dead body around,she just imagined him or she changed reality so hard that she healed Vision somehow but this might be hint about future.

3-If Vision Comes Back That Means Any Hero Can Come Back

ced4f5bf527af4ef59353df21487c8e824ed2161 Will Vision Stay Alive?

If Wanda can bring back Vision that means she can bring back all the fallen heroes and I don’t think Marvel will want this because death will lose meaning if they can bring back anyone.Bringing Vision might mean bringing back infinity stones because Vision kinda need that stone to stay alive and I don’t think they will want stones back.

But He Might Be Really Alive Too

In the last episode we saw that Vision can think by himself and he knows that something is wrong with this place they are living in.He knows when neighbors are acting weird,he knows that they don’t have a backstory or name of another place they lived in.In trailers we saw that Vision will keep questioning and he will try to get pass that reality barrier too.I hope he stays alive but if he doesn’t I believe he will die after saying ”All I feel is you.” and Wanda will take her revenge if she isn’t the person who is responsible.

Tell me your opinion about last episode and Vision’s future in comments.

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