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You Must Read Daredevil Yellow

by Iron-SpiderYC

Daredevil Yellow is one of the best Daredevil comics and it is an amazing comic to learn more about Matt Murdock’s character.

Daredevil: Yellow is a perfect love letter to Karen from Matt. Story starts with Matt explaining how he started writing to Karen after Foggy’s advice. I believe Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale did an amazing job at showing us the story of Matt and his motivations. We also get a chance to see Matt’s father Jack Murdock in this comic, we see how he wanted to win and be the hero in front of his son, how he wanted Matt to be proud of him but what he didn’t know was the fact that Matt was already proud of him and loved him. Jack Murdock saw himself as an uneducated pug but as you can see in the comic he lived by one rule :

“The measure of a man is not in how he gets knocked down to the mat, it is in how he gets up!”

These words later became what defines Daredevil in my opinion because if you look at his iconic stories you can clearly see that most of those are about a man getting back up againts worst circumstances. Later in the story we see Matt going after the man who killed his father and we keep seeing Matt falling in love with Karen while trying to figure out this hero stuff. We keep seeing how much she meant to Matt as they keep getting closer and we see Daredevil battling some of the iconic villains. Foggy on the other hand is in love with Karen too but things just don’t work out for him.

karenn edited You Must Read Daredevil Yellow

In the end of this story we learn that making the suit red was Karen’s idea and we see Matt thinking about how she could’ve been still alive if Karen never met him. This amazing comic ends with Matt’s amazing words and I recommend it to all of you. It is not just a great story but it is also a great Daredevil story to enjoy or learn more about Matt Murdock and his origin.

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