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You Should Watch Invincible

by Iron-SpiderYC

Invincible recently got his own show exclusively on Amazon Prime and renewed for Season 2&3 after suprising most of the viewers.

I started watching Invincible with no expectations and it was really way better than I expected.It is different than most super hero shows and Invincible definitely wasn’t made for kids.Invincible tells a story about a teenager named Mark Grayson getting his powers and learning being a hero isn’t just fun while learning the truth about his father, it also keeps showing us Mark’s struggles to manage his love life.I started reading Invincible comics after watching the show and show isn’t just following the comics because it is making them even better.Most of the scenes from the show are from the comic book series but some of them makes more sense have more depth.Each episode is 40-50 minutes and it is kinda long for an animated show but believe me you will never get bored because action and interesting stuff never stops happening.


We just learned that Invincible has been renewed for Seasons 2 and 3.They showed us in the final that there are a lot of stories to tell and a lot of battles for Mark to fight.I will keep waiting for new seasons and I will finish reading the comic book while waiting.I recommend this show to all of you and I hope it keeps going great like this.

Where to Watch Invincible?

You can watch Invincible at amazon prime

Watch Invincible Now


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