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Andrew Garfield Is Back!

by Iron-SpiderYC

Andrew Garfield is The Amazing Spider-Man again and it means a lot.

Andrew Garfield is back and it means a lot to me.When I was 11 they released The Amazing Spider-Man and that movie was special in every way.I loved that unique suit,I loved seeing Spider-Man making jokes,I loved his relationship with Gwen.For a long time I was hoping that these news were real and now it is official that Andrew is coming back.

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 09 at 01.14.47 Andrew Garfield Is Back!

When we learned that Spider-Man is joining Avengers movies with Civil War,I felt happy about it but it was a disappointment to lose my favorite live action Spider-Man.Years passed and we saw 2 movies about Tom’s Spider-Man and I can clearly say that I hated it.I know it is different but I am sure about the fact that it wasn’t Spider-Man.

Now it looks like we will all see our favorite Spider-Man again and I believe it will be an amazing experience.Welcome back best live action Spider-Man.

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