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How To Fix Marvel’s Avengers Game

by Iron-SpiderYC

Marvel’s Avengers is a failure but we believe it isn’t hard to fix it and here is how to do it.

1 – Write A Good Story & Fix Environment Designs

Story of this game is just messed up. Avengers has all these great villains, stories and they come to us with Ms. Marvel as the main character… Come on guys, who said this was a good idea. You have Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and others, you can easily tell a great and relatable story. Fixing the story won’t be enough of course, they have to fix environment designs because nearly all of them are lazy designs.

2 – Fix Main Costumes

They made a lot of alternative suits for these characters and I really liked that but most people hated this game from the beginning because of the cheap designs. Iron Man was great but other characters needed fixing and they must be unique if they don’t want to be cheap copies.

3 – If You Are Adding A New Character Then Don’t Be Lazy

They added Spider-Man and it was a joke, he was shooting webs at clouds, he moves slow, his wall crawling is weird, Spider Sense just keeps lighting up and doesn’t really help and Spider-Man doesn’t feel agile at all.

4 – Get Rid Of Multiplayer

This game could’ve been amazing if it didn’t run after multiplayer. Make a good story with many missions, sell skins and DLCs, add iconic villains and you will be fine, you will make a lot of money too.

5 – Make The Game More Realistic

I don’t know about you guys but looking at this game is really boring sometimes because of all the unnecessary stuff on screen and repetitive combat. Get rid of stupid colors, make combat realistic and it won’t make players feel tired.

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