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Things We Learned From Spider-Man

by Iron-SpiderYC

Best thing about Spider-Man is the fact that we all can see ourselves in him and he taught us many lessons in his comics and movies. Today we are going to take a look at some of the greatest lessons we can learn from Peter Parker.

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1 – Life Is Full Of Choices And Sometimes In Order To Grow Up And To Do What’s Right We Have To Give Up The Thing We Want The Most, Even Our Dreams.

Life is full of choices. There will be many times we try to run from making decision because we are afraid, there will be times we choose a path because of fear and what I learned from Spider-Man is the fact that sometimes we have to make the hard choice and leave the place where we feel comfortable in order to grow up or do what’s right. Those choices makes us who we are and we can always choose to do the right thing even if it hurts like hell.

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2 – We Have To Be Better Than What We Suffer

There will be many times in life where we experience heartbreak, pain and anger. Those moments are powerful and they have the power to transform us. We shouldn’t let those moments corrupt us, it is easy to give in to hatred after hard times but we must learn from those moments and keep moving forward as a better version of ourselves.

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3 – We Should Know The Value Of Things Before We Lose Them

It is easy to get lost in life sometimes and forget about the things, people we care about. Most people realize how valuable something or someone really is when they lose them. Don’t let your favorite hobbies in some corner to rot, remember how lucky you are for all the things you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have and don’t forget to show your love. We must know the value of things before we lose them and shouldn’t be afraid of showing our feelings. Time flies and even someone as strong as Spider-Man can’t stop that but he can do his best to live a life without regrets.

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4 – Worst Parts Of Our Lives Don’t Define Us

It doesn’t matter how long they last or how bad the situation was. Those times don’t define us and it is never too late to get back up.

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5 – If We Can Do Good Things For Other People, We Have A Moral Obligation To Do Those Things. Not Choice; Responsibility.

Well duh… This one is the biggest and most clear lesson from Spider-Man comics. Helping others and not seeing yourself above them even if you have all the power in the world makes you a better person and knowing you did all you can do for others does wonders for your soul.

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6 – One Person Can Make A Difference

When we look at the bigger picture, it feels like the things we do won’t change anything and we shouldn’t even bother trying. I am here to tell you that you are wrong. Little things matter more than we realize and we should never underestimate what we do because one person can really make a difference. You can change the way a person feels with a single compliment and make his day better, you helping one person might end up with a chain of good even if don’t see it and you can change more than you realize even that sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything works.

I guess these are the most important things I learned from Spider-Man after years of reading his comics and watching animations, movies. It really blows my mind how a fictional character means so much to all of us and changed many lives for better. I wrote this list thinking it might help some of you guys because like I said it is easy to get lost in life but we can find the power to do better and even if this list doesn’t help as much as I think it will, I guess it was my responsbility to try. Thank you all for reading and see you all in my other lists and articles.

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